Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gutter Guards: A Must For Spring & Fall

Ordinary gutters catch rain water and collect leaves, twigs, and other debris that clogs and obstructs the flow of water. Gutter guards protect the gutter from these obstructions and allow water to flow freely.

These are a few of the advantages:

  • It prevents and protects your home from leaks.
  • It promotes lower maintenance and minimizes gutter cleaning.
  • It reduces the risk of climbing ladders and possible personal injury.
  • It is made to fir most gutter systems.
  • It can be used on old or new gutter systems.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Most Common Roof Leaks

As a homeowner, youd like your roof to maintain its integrity over the years but common wear and tear and following roof leaks are inevitable. Roofing repairs are simply part of roofs life.

While there are many reasons for a roofs deterioration, some roof areas are more prone to leaking than others. Skylights, chimneys and vent pipes all provide an opportunity for moisture to get through, especially in older roofs or when they have not been installed properly.

3 Most Common Roof Leak Repairs:

 1.    Leaky Skylight Repairs

A leaky skylight can be a homeowners worst nightmare. Most often than not, an improper installation is the cause of a leak. If thats the case, your local roofing contractor must handle the repairs to avoid further damage.

Some common situations that cause skylights to leak are: improperly installed fasteners, poor flashing seals, glass micro-fractures or fissures and sealant failure due to thermal expansion.

A thorough roofing inspection will help your roofer uncover the problem and suggest appropriate skylight repairs so that should be your first step.

 2. Chimney Flashing Repairs

Whether its due to aging caulk, cracked cement caps or flashing problems, chimneys are one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to leaks.

Again, start with a thorough inspection of your chimney base and walls looking for gaps, cracks and obvious wear and tear. Depending on what you find, roofing cement, caulking and most often than not flashing will need to be replaced. For your reference, weve discussed chimney leak repairs in more detail last month.

Since improperly installed flashing leaves your home unprotected from rain and snow it is always best to have a professional roofer address more extensive flashing problems.

3. Vent Pipe Repairs

Aside from skylights and chimneys, roof vents are one of the most common causes of roof leaks. Rusty and cracked vent pipe collars around their base allow the water to first pool around, then seep through the interior walls of your home.  Again deteriorated flashing & old roof cements & sealants might be the reason behind vent pipe leaks.

Do You Need A Pro To Handle You Roofing Repairs?

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